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Off with his HAIR! East Cape of Baja
The sun is hot. I am fair skinned. I am balding. Not a good combination. I don't have enough hair to block the sun, but do have enough hair that I can not glob on the sun block. Easily fixed, shave it off! So I did. First time I have been this short, and it actually looks pretty damn good if I do say so my self!

My good friend joined me in Mexico for a few days of sun and fun, and we raced up the 4 lane highway of death and arrived in Todos Santos, scene of my victory on the battle field for Spanish Supremacy! Our days were spent shopping in the little town, surfing at Cerritos and San Pedrito, attending mass at the little church on Good Friday, eating, drinking and relaxing by the little pool.


Pics from East Cape are here

The Magic of Montana
Bozeman Montana:

Population: 35,000
Truck Owners: 30,000
Gun Owners: 25,000
Hunters: 20,000
Skiiers: 15,000
Average Commute time: 10 min

Thats about all there is to do in Bozeman.

Some random experiences in Bozeman from the week I was there include meeting some of the nicest people in America. There were a lot of 'how are you?', 'nice to see you' and 'have a nice day!' from total strangers. It was very refreshing.


Random thoughts and stats from the trip!

115 travel days, 40 take offs and landings, 22,324 miles flown, 2,600 miles driven, 15,200 feet peak reached, 110 feet underwater dive, 5 continents visited, 8 oceans snorkeled, 14 visa stamps, 40 cities walked, 47 different beds slept in, 33 addresses exchanged, 6 one time email exchanges, 3 multiple exchanges, 5 books read, 7 pounds lost, 8 pounds gained, 3 police traffic stops, 2 tickets, no arrests.

One 45 liter (4 day) back pack, 3 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of socks, 4 pairs of underware, three pairs of pants, two pairs walking shorts, one pair running shorts, one pair board shorts, 4 shirts, toilette kit, electronic kit, miscellaneous kit; 13 Kilos or about 22 pounds.

One shoulder bag, travel Sony Vaio laptop, Canon Digital SLR Camera, Sony compact digital camera, passport and travel wallet, two books, iPod (until fatal drop from balcony in Malta!) and various DVDs; 4 Kilos or about 12 pounds. One note book lost with important info and numbers….lost on LAST day of trip…

Random Observations and lessons learned:

Travel light. Get SKYPE and keep in touch. You are never too old to surf. Vegemite tastes better with toothpaste. With 25,000KM of open road, the Aussies need to learn from the Germans about speed limits. If a 500 pound calf is running straight at you, wave your arms. Americans are loud, Israeli old ladies are louder and are horrible dressers. Japanese tourists can be spotted from 300 yards by their stupid hats, and GLOVES! There is no law in Mexico. The three toed sloth has only three toes. It’s OK for a man to cry at weddings. Cuba has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. The Whale-shark is neither shark nor whale. Running out of air in more than 100 feet of water is a bad idea. Looking at boobies is more fun that you think. Land iguanas and marine iguanas can live together. Guinea pigs can judge a persons character. You are more buoyant in water with heavier salt content. Wealthy travelers don’t play soccer in the square with local children. Daewoo should think about making a sports car. The knights of Malta were bad ass mother F&#&%RS. I still don’t like Berlin. Shopping carts at Woolworths in suburban German cities have magnets in the wheels so they won’t roll away while on the up and down escalators. 2500 years ago nations were fighting religious wars with spears, today with rockets, when will we learn? The world record for long distance paragliding is over 400 KM at a top speed of 55 Kilometers per hour. You can rent a bicycle in Helsinki for a 5 Euro deposit at any one of 15 different locations in the city. I look good with a shaved head. I don’t look like Tom of Finland. Never sell your watch to a stranger. I will do this again, but, THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!!

Family Matters! The mission of a life time
As mentioned in the earlier blog, Cayman is only 500 miles from Cuba, and Cayman Air offers daily flights to Havana. Since it is PROHIBITED for Americans to visit Cuba without a US Government sponsored visa, I decided NOT to go there, but here is a report from a friend who went to Cuba. It sounds wonderful, and I hope to be able to visit there sometime.


Dear Andy,

Thought you might be interested in this.

Cuba Mission: Daily Brief

Mission to find gravesite and information on death of a friend's great-great-great aunt who died in Baracoa Cuba May 13, 1882. Her husband was appointed by President Hayes in late 1870s to be consul to Cuba for his loyalty and bravery during the Civil War. Wife and first child died in Baracoa, Cuba, of malaria. Hope to make gravestone rubbing and take photos for extended research on family ancestry.


Pics of the mission are here

Doggin' Potholes in Costa Rica
The only bad thing I can say about Costa Rica is in regards to the state of the roads. Aye Carramba! The ministry of transportation obviously got a huge bulk discount on ‘Road in Bad Condition’ signs, they were everywhere.

There is one main highway through CR and the rest of the roads quickly go from bad to horrible. Avoiding the potholes is a driving adventure that one normally needs go to a game center to experience. The shade from the overhanging trees also plays tricks on your eyes, so you can not see them coming! Hard lefts, rights and brake slamming were just a few of the fun times had on the roads.


Pics of Costa Rica are here